Snake River Traders & Outfitters
Snake River Traders & Outfitters
Political Information
Group type:Merchant Company
Leader Title:Boss
Leader:Gertrude Holiday
Motto:Rivers are roads that move and carry us whither we wish to go.
Societal Information
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:Free trade of goods and ideas
Allies:Anyone who is willing to do business and conduct themselves in a civilized manner.
Enemies:Marauders and savages.
Snake River Traders & Outfitters is a company that operates general stores and caravans along the trade routes of Idaho. Their service area includes Gordentown, New Twin Falls, and Whistlers Grove among others. They avoid dens of savagery such as Red District.

Because of the many hazards along the Snake River, especially towards Boise, the company's caravans tend to be large affairs. They will be comprised of several Brahmin drawn wagons, teamsters, porters, and guards accompanying a group of merchants. When passing through some of the tiny settlements on their route, the caravan may well double the local population during their stay. The SRTO mostly deals in clothing, hand tools, housewares, and produce. They sometimes deal in ballistic weaponry and ammunition, though these tend more towards civilian weapons rather than military. They sometimes get their hands on high-tech items, purchased from scavengers and prospectors. These finds are usually sold off to the Brotherhood.

Though they operate a number of general stores, the company's headquarters is actually an isolated compound surrounded by a wooden palisade, east of New Twin Falls. Gertrude Holiday runs a tight, well-organized crew from there; with stabling for Brahmin, and warehousing for goods to be loaded on caravans.


The motto of the SRTO is a translation of a line written by Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century French genius.