"Nasty buggers that'll gut you without a second thought"
―Nameless Batter of the Reclaimed Republic of Australia to a team of bright-eyed Fielders

The Super Emu is a mutant flightless bird that inhabits the outback wastes of Australia. Following the war, extreme exposure to radiation emanating from the obliterated major cities Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and the like caused these already terrifying creatures to grow to monolithic proportions.

According to legends, to kill the bird one needs to empty at least 80-100 12.77mm rounds into it before it even begins to consider kneeling over and dying.

Notable Encounters

  • Various mobs of Super Emus were belligerents during the Emu Wars against the Reclaimed Republic of Australia, winning most battles before the Republic finally claimed victory. These wars, though successful in claiming land for the Republic, resulted in many deaths, widespread destruction of property and hundreds of terrified children.