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Tahoka Rose
The Rose Theater, saved from the wasteland and given new purpose.
General Information
Establishment: 2280
Disestablishment: N/A
Status: Functioning caravan stop and trading post.
Location Information
Location: Permian Basin, Texas
Societal Information
Population: 8
Factions: None
Notable Events: Unknown

The Tahoka Rose is a fine little bed and breakfast on the road between the Midessa Compact and Fort Holly. Though new, it has become a regular stop for merchants and travelers: frequently the first stop out of Fort Holly or the last on the way there.


Tahoka, Texas had been a barely inhabited suburb of Lubbock not even considered a candidate for bombing. The transition from urban decay to wasteland erosion had been seamless, and the bones of the small city layout for any to pick through for centuries. In 2279 a wandering tradeswoman by the name of Eufemia Mercedes happened to spy the building in the distance as the caravan she was traveling with camped under the stars some distance away. She parted with the caravan to satisfy her curiosity and explored the building. Finding it to be sound, if devoid of anything worth stealing, she considered the camp she had just left: cold, dark, and exposed. She thought the building could make a fine hotel with a bit of work, in the same fashion as Lamesa Wall without the benefit of any Salt backing.

She eventually made her way to Fort Holly and recruited a few of her friends and relatives to help her. They packed a wagon or two with supplies and set about turning the Rose into a home. They finished just in time for the new year. Not having promoted their presence in any meaningful way ahead of time, Eufemia set about spit-roasting a brahmin outside next time a caravan camped out nearby. Sure enough the merchants and their crew were drawn in by the smell and stayed the night, promising to tell others they passed.

The screening room had the chairs cleared out and was divided into separate rooms by scrap walls, the raised stage forming a sort of "penthouse," room. The concession stand and lobby has been converted to a kitchen and restaurant. The hotel's office is in the projection room, overlooking the rooms, though a curtain is in place to provide a sense of privacy, it could in theory be removed if an unruly guest locked themselves in a room.

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