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The Architects set themselves on a seemingly impossible task: keep the ruins of a city built below sea level above water, without heavy machinery or high-tech industry. The continued existence of the disparate communities of The Big Easy speaks to their continued success.

Activities & Interests

The primary interest of the Architects is to keep the Big Easy high and dry. To this end, they've repaired and greatly expanded upon Pre-War levees, dug out innumerable drainage trenches, and rebuilt the city's sewers. With the help of labor provided by The Royaume they've built walls and embankments around Tuloya which serve the dual roles of keeping wasteland trash and swamp water out of the aristocrats' enclave. The Architects also reclaim land and buildings from the growing swamp, keeping anything useful they find for themselves but otherwise leaving the real estate behind for others to develop. Consequently, they've acquired a trove of artifacts.

The Architects headquarters is an ancient building known as Germania Lodge #46, in northeastern Tuloya.


Junior Architects venture into the sewers to do spot welding...and to burn out dangerous mutants.

There are several dozen Architects operating in small groups throughout the Big Easy. A group will be made up of several men and women under the leadership of a Junior Warden. All the groups in a given region or community report to a Senior Warden, who function much like their Junior counterparts but have the additional responsibility of coordinating all Architect projects with their leader; the Worshipful Designer.

The Architects were courted by The Royaume during its formation and have formed close bonds with them. The Architects have fortified the old university campuses and manor homes of Tuloya to withstand attack, and make use of Royaume serfs when unskilled labor is needed in great supply. The Worshipful Director and several of the Senior Wardens are counted among the ranks of the Royaume's barons.

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