"Come one, come all, I got furs and fine guns from Deadwood and the West, I Got meat and canned goods from Vermillion and the Eastern territories, I got Supplies from the Mobridge Merchant Guild and medicinal supplies from the North, step right up and lets do some Business!""
―CBTC Tradesman
Central Badlands Trade Company
Organizational Information
Owned By:Henry Smythe
Incorporation Status:Caravan
Manager:Alice Tallery
Mission Statement:to be the number one distributor in the territory
General Information
Historical Information
Founded by:Henry Smythe
Industry:Trade across the Southern Badlands
Competitors:Mobridge Merchants Guild
The Central Badlands Trade Co. or CBTC, was founded by Henry Smythe in 2282. Originally a small caravan centered in Chamberland, the CBTC quickly grew in power after Henry Smythe hired a clan of raiders onto his payroll. With the area stabilized, the CBTC's prime location, and access to two bridges across the Misery Riva, the company was provided with the means to swiftly grow. Now, the CBTC has sixteen caravans consisting of Brahmin-pulled wagons and some of the toughest security money can buy.

The CBTC's caravans go in every direction, and Henry Smythe was able to get his hands on a Mobridge Merchant Guild Membership, and so has gained access to their rafters. Most of the CBTC's trade is through the West to East and Central to North trade.

West to East Trade

CBTC caravans first reached the city of Deadwood in 2283, with Henry Smythe leading a delegation to the mighty General Custer himself. From his meeting with the General, Henry was able to acquire a Writ of Passage and a trade permit, allowing his caravans to go unmolested and "untaxed" by Custer's American Army. Henry acquired similar Writs from the Dakota Tribes and American Northern Army. Even with these Writs in hand, Henry's caravans are still guarded by ten heavily armed men and women, all armed with old pre-war National Guard weapons, due to the Generals War raging. The Western Trade primarily consists of Gun Packers weaponry, and furs from the Dakota Tribes.

Heading East, the Trade Company has fairly solid relationships with Mitchell, as well as several trade contracts with numerous Brahmin and Buffalo barons, as well as a trade deal with canners in Sioux Falls, and a steady supply of bandages and sterile needles from Vermillion. The Eastern Trade Caravans are guarded by eight guys each, armed with rifles and pistols manufactured by the Gun Packers. The Eastern Trade is predominantly dried and preserved meats and canned foods, with a minor trade in bandages and trained expertise.

Central and Northern Trade

The CBTC's definition of "Central Trade" is anything acquired from Pierre south to Pickstown. Most of the Trade here is fish, pig flesh, and booze. Northern trade for the CBTC stops at Mobridge, where Henry was able to acquire a membership in their Guild. Of all of Henry's caravans, the Central and Northern ones are the most heavily guarded, since its a wilderness in these parts. Each caravan has sixteen guards, armed and has an arsenal of rifles and grenades. Every time a caravan goes out for the northern trade, it gets attacked, and every time, the attackers realize too late who they were messing with. CBTC caravans in this area usually are accompanied by other caravans going the same way, the theory being strength in numbers.