"Some of them yonder rich pigs may like using a trawler, me- I like fly fishin' hahaha"
―Runway's view on Fishing
A motley group of raiders, former slavers, and refugees, The fishermen have dedicated themselves to the destruction of The Federal's flyers.
The Fishermen
Political Information
Group type:guerrilla band
Motto:Cast away!
Societal Information
Headquarters:Various basement safe-houses
Notable members:Runway
Historical Information
Policy Information
Goals:destruction of all flyers


While there have been opposition to Liberteria's bombers since the first attacks, it was mainly slavers and raiders doing the complaining. This would change over time as, having turned to raider camps for targets, some small settlements and travelers were bombed. With hate of the flyers growing, one raider saw his opportunity.

Runway (as he would soon be known) managed to gather together a dozen people in the basement of an old gallery and explained his goal; the destruction of all flyers. The audience, already sympathetic, quickly agreed and The fishermen were created. They got their name because of their use of fishing nets to cause flyers to crash. They would string several nets through different sections of ruins, and let the speed of the flyers do the rest. Their first successful instance came in 2266, when a group of gyrocopters flew into a thick webbing of nets and exploded.

Attracting new members with the debris, The Fishermen quickly grew 40 people. Despite the first dozen members were raiders from various gangs, many of these new members were those left homeless by bombing runs. Having already known not to set up on the surface, they created a half dozen safe-houses in various basements around the city.


Having 'caught' over two dozen flyers in the time since their founding, The Fishermen are in high spirits. They have spread into the Bronx and Brooklyn and take every chance they get at catching a flyer. Having lost two safe-houses to heavy bombing, The Fishermen feel stronger than ever in their quest.


Even though they were founded by raiders and former-slavers, most members are simply the homeless. Operating in 4-man teams throughout the city, they identify each other through the use of debris. All Fishermen carry a piece of gyrocopter rotor with the date it was caught carved into it. If the date is wrong or the piece is wrong, the holder is wrapped in netting and used as 'bait.'

Bait, is a raider camp set up to lure flyers in for the catching. Those spies sent to infiltrate the group and tied up in these camps to add authenticity to the scene. This has been a successful method of attracting flyers in the past, as the bait learns to their great misfortune.

Despite their never-ending vendetta with their flight corp, many Fishermen do view the Federal Republic as the best option for stability in the wasteland. The problem is the way they go about expanding and interacting throughout the city.