The Flop
Swing Social Club
Organizational Information
Owned By:Eric Jenns, Leo Harvaday, Klompers
Incorporation Status:hostel
Manager:Eric Jenns
Mission Statement:provide reasonable rooms for a reasonable profit.
General Information
Headquarters:The Flop
Location(s):The Peg, Manitoba, Canada
Historical Information
A 'renovated' apartment building, The Flop lives up to its name. Run by a trio of shifty Americans, it nevertheless serves as the home for many down on their luck.


The Flop was claimed in early 2260 by a mid-tier crime boss named Houser, who cleared out the ground floor so he could open a bar-and-game. The upper floors would be emptied as caps came in and space was needed, though it would remain in moderate disrepair. Houser and his goons would lose the bar-and-game in 2264 to a trio of Americans, who he accused of cheating. Unfortunately for him one of the three happened to be an assaultron, who promptly vaporized him.

The remaining thugs wisely fled, leaving the trio to discuss their next step. They talked for the better part of a day, before settling on a hotel. The gaming equipment was sold off and the caps used to repair the building and buy some furniture for the lobby. Due to the structural damage however they couldn't replacing the aging furniture, and left it as it was.

This wouldn't matter to those down on their luck or on the run, and the Flop developed a seedy reputation. This wouldn't be helped as Zinner cracked down on dissent, and those at risk fled where they could. After Haug came to power the manner of customers have improved slightly, but it is still considered to be on the 'low' part of town.