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The Oilfields
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General Information
Establishment: Unknown; thousands to tens of thousands of human and mutant inhabitants.
Disestablishment: N/A
Status: Region of burgeoning boomtowns.
Location Information
Location: Texas
Societal Information
Population: Unknown
Factions: Rocker Movement, Salt Clan
Notable Events: Frac Rush
“I think the devil will not have [you] damned, lest the oil that's in [you] should set hell on fire.”William Shakespeare

Texas' Oilfields are caught between the rising civilization of the Permian Basin and the endless horrors and hazards of Four Seasons. While you're staying in the lovely Oilfields be sure to visit Abile whose working oil rigs give this region it's namesake. Take care while you're out and about as there aren't many folks to help you with the mutants that wander in from the Four Seasons. Most of the people you will find are various outcasts and ghouls trying to eek out a living refining remnants of fossil fuels or scavenging pre war ruins.



The Oilfields