Tindalos were born to be the ideal game, created in 2054 by the Stan & Marley Hunting Company to be the spotlight of the ultimate hunting adventure. The process of gene splicing various dog breeds with vampire bats was started in July 4, 2031, and was officially declared complete on July 4th, 2071. An event was planned for all 60 original Tindalos to be hunted by the master hunter and billionaire Ivan Zaroff and his friends (who funded the project, of course), on October 31st, 2077 in the Stan & Marley game preserve outside West Memphis.

On October 3rd, the Tindalos were moved to the preserve, and by the 23rd the bombs fell. The Tindalos survived the war because of their resistance to radiation, and their keen senses allowed the Tindalos to quickly form packs with other Tindalos, dogs, coyotes and wolves located in the preserve. A Tindalo's appearance is described as a large bat-headed hound with spiny black fur. Many hunters seek them as companions or for their rare pelts, and some medicine men use their saliva for heart medications and poisons.


Mole Rats, Bloatflies, humans, radroaches, brahmin, and any other meat. Some survive on large amounts of blood.

Hunting info

Tindalos live in packs of up to 6 males and 9 females, and are usually active at night. They have thermal vision echolocation and an extremely great sense of smell making stealth assaults on them extremely difficult. Their pelts usually sell for 25 caps a pop. A pup can sell to 115 caps for a female and 160 for a male.

Offensive Tactics

Large, razor-sharp fangs that can easily cut through light armor and leave deep gashes in flesh, their saliva contains draculin which prevents wounds from clotting, causing bite victims to bleed out. Finally, they usually attack small groups of prey and can hear when mammals are asleep and strike silently.

Defensive Capabilities

Heavily muscled bodies grant amazing speeds of 35 MPH. Enhanced senses allows early detection of predators, thus giving a group of Tindalos time to plan a counter strike or flee.


  • Albino Tindalo

Known to only attack at the dead of night on the least dangerous of prey, The Albino Tindalo is a rare sight and is believed by tribals to be spirits.