Top Street Fort
Top Street Fort
General Information
Location:Top Street Bridge, Boise, Idaho
Population:currently 9
Current status:being fought over

An entrenched car fort, it occupies one of the few intact bridges in Boise. Located in the east quarter of town, it sees fights between the Brotherhood and Super Mutants.


Constructed by an ambitious group of raiders, it was built on the top street bridge, which ran over a large creek that ran through the town. Moving the old automobile frames on top of each other on all four sides, leaving a moderate sized courtyard inside. Fastening a crude gang-plank, they preyed on scavengers and the other raiders, until they were found and killed by the mutants of Luther's Warhost.

The mutants held the fort for a quarter century, until a Brotherhood patrol came across it and attacked, taking it by speed. Since then it is a frequent battleground between the two, changing hands often. The Immortals also entered the fray briefly but were snuffed out after their defeat in 2283.

The Top Street was also the site of the one on one fight between King Khrud and Luther in 2277 when it briefly served as the Killerz' temporary base. Now it is back to being contested by the Brotherhood and Luther's Warhost.