“War. War does change.”
— Me, in deep thought about the famous Fallout quote.

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Hi! I'm Arcaneous, an avid gamer and a Fallout lover. Ever since I was introduced to Fallout 3, I fell in love in the series. I'm currently working on articles about China, which is pretty empty at the moment. I also want to make articles about more ignored (neglected to put it??) countries and continents such as Africa and the like.

If you want, you can add more lore onto my existing ones (may vary) as long as you have my permission!

Articles i made


The City of Jīn - Chinese settlement in Guangzhou, Southern China. Most proud of this one :L

The Hainan State - City state in Hainan

Beijing Wasteland - Ruins of Beijing

Organizations and Groups

Tánxìng Motor Company - Chinese car manufacturing company

The Chinese People's National Radio - post-War pro-Communist radio broadcasting station

Shui Dynasty - A small dynasty along the Western Coast

Shui Imperial People's Army - Shui Dynasty army

Trading Union of Southern China - Trading Union of Southern China.

People's Committee for National Development - What it says

I'Hawiye Tribes - African tribes in Somalia


Alexei Trotsky - Leon Trotsky's descendant


Einhart's Flower - Healing flower discovered by Johannes Einhart

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