South Carolina Low Country

Y'all can call me Duke and it's a pleasure to have you reading about me. I'm a native to the state of South Carolina having lived here all my life. I was born to a boat mechanic/firefighter and a wedding photographer in Beaufort, South Carolina.

My Contributions

I like to think of myself as the Mack Daddy of the Charleston Wasteland.

Original Articles

These are articles which I have written independently of other contributors. (Or, at least, as the absolute majority contributor.)

  • Thomas McLachin (Deceased) - An explorer and wasteland historian born in the Detroit Wasteland who moved south to the Charleston Wasteland
  • Marcus Clay - A scavenger turned founder of the Brigadiers
  • Sky Beau - One of Charleston's earliest raider bosses
  • John Stadwell - A would-be veteran who was discharged from the Army for unknown causes, he would survive the initial bombing of the US and would survive sometime afterwards
  • Toad - A Swamper of untold potential whose lack of intelligence found his potential squandered
  • Geng Su - A pre-war PLA officer turned post-war Saint of War, biding his time until an opportunity exists to strike at and destroy Shanghai
  • The Brigadiers - A militarist faction founded in the ruins of the Bastion in Charleston
  • The Carolina Buckeyes - A raider gang turned Mercenary Nation founded by an Ohio native living in Charleston
  • The Blasted Patriots - A defunct raider gang which originally inhabited the USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point
  • The Bastion - A Pre-War military academy turned Headquarters and home settlement of the Brigadiers
  • King Street - The Pre-War remains of Charleston's famous King Street converted into a settlement centred around Marion Square
  • Patriot's Point - A settlement around the ruins of a mock military base and the half-sunken USS Yorktown
  • The Battery - A settlement built around the old Battery along the southern coast of Charleston's peninsula
  • Fort Buckeye - The ruins of Fort Sumter which now serve as the Headquarters of the Carolina Buckeyes
  • Fort McLachin - The ruins of Fort Moultrie now occupied by the Brigadiers
  • Castle Pickney - A ruined fort at the mouth of the Cooper River
  • Wando Crossing - The largest settlement in Mt Pleasant and central command for the regional Brigadier auxiliaries
  • Charles Town Landing - A settlement upon the original landing site of the Charleston settlers and the largest settlement in West Ashley
  • Terminal Salvage Area - A stretch of hazardous yet valuable wetland located in North Charleston, full of pre-war military scrap
  • New Alba - A revolutionary Scottish state founded after the Great War in the ruins of Glasgow
  • Scottish Occupation Remnants - A loose network of former British soldiers scattered throughout Scotland which would eventually form other factions or integrate with local populations
  • Crookston - A network of smaller settlements centred around Crookston Castle near Glasgow, Scotland
  • George Square - A settlement in Glasgow, Scotland centred around the old George Square
  • NS Savannah - A pre-war nuclear-powered ship with a sentient onboard AI married to a pre-war ghoul
  • Radgauze - A post-war variety of cotton cultivated across the Southern USA and possibly other parts of the world
  • Vanilla Grass - A post-war variety of sweetgrass found throughout the Lowcountry
Radio Stations
  • Holy City Radio - A gospel/hymnal radio station based out of the old College of Charleston
  • Buckeye Radio - Funky tunes out of Fort Buckeye, the Little Ohio of the Charleston Wasteland.

Collaboration Articles

Articles that are written in collaboration with other authors in order to create something extra spicy.

  • None so far, maybe you'll end up being the first.

Adopted Articles

These articles were originally written by another author but I have since adopted and expanded upon their original writing.

  • Ross Campbell (Deceased) - A Scottish Politician and dissident who survived the Great War, having created New Alba and leading the Renegades
  • Loreanlee Pier - A pre-war pilot dock and navigators hub, in the post-war it has been occupied by the Minutemen, a shot lived-settlement, and now by the Loreanlee Spiders

Articles I Want to Adopt

  • Basilisk - A dead-end creature article that could be revised with only a couple hours of effort to create something more interesting/defined. Last edit by the original author made on May 5, 2012‎.
  • Navis Damnatorum - A ghost ship article which is less of a ghost ship and more of a ghoul ship. Besides my motivation of it being a ship article, it needs to be better defined. Last edit made by the original author on August 26, 2013‎.
    • Michael Vorsen - Ties into the search for the ghost ship. Last edit made by the original author on August 29, 2013‎.
    • Nero Lupis - Ties into the search for the ghost ship. Last edit made by the original author on August 28, 2013‎.
  • The Green Sands - A small network of articles are based around this location, a lot of them being either implausible or poorly developed. Last edit made by the original author on August 12, 2018.
    • Alghal - Mutant ball of flesh and fur. Last edit made by the original author on August 12, 2018‎.
    • Rattleworm - Overly supersized snake. Last edit made by the original author on August 16, 2018‎.
    • Roswell - Ghoul town just outside the Green Sands. Last edit made by the original author on September 12, 2018‎.
    • The Ziggurat - Religious site in the middle of the Green Sands. Last edit made by the original author on August 11, 2018‎.
    • Truth - Town I didn't realize existed until much later. Last edit made by the original author on August 3, 2018.
    • Consequences - Another town I didn't realize existed until much later. Last edit made by the original author on August 10, 2018‎.

Contest Entries

Articles that were created for wiki-wide contests. I hope this expands in the future since I really enjoy them.

  • Geng Su - As from the earlier link to him, "A pre-war PLA officer turned post-war Saint of War, biding his time until an opportunity exists to strike at and destroy Shanghai." A little more insight is worth it on him since he's a contest article. I initially wrote him as a "larger than life" character so that he'd be something other writers could build around in future. This is why his motivation is heavily focused on "liberating" Shanghai. In the end, he got 2nd Place with mostly admins voting for him, which made me cheeky. It was beaten out by the exceptional Yin Liuxain.

Directional Personal Projects

  • Operation Charleston Wasteland (In Progress) - Make the Charleston Wasteland a region worthy of gameplay, i.e. a place well-developed enough to spark the imagination. Someplace a DLC or tabletop campaign could be set.
  • Operation Nantucket (In Planning) - Complete the NS Savannah article and use it to branch out on the island of Nantucket, creating a DLC/Tabletop Campaign scaled area.
  • Operation Vault 98 (On Hold) - Make changes to Vault 98 to create a branching point for a possible region.
  • Operation Green Sands (On Hold) - Create a DLC/Tabletop Campaign scaled region centred around the Green Sands.

Non-Directional Personal Projects

  • Operation Paint a Picture (On Hold)- Every article on the wiki deserves a picture to really breathe life into it. It's like the Wikia even tells you, an article with a picture is more likely to be read and viewed.
  • Operation G.I. (In Progress) - The wiki has quite a few problems when it comes to standardized infoboxes and page layouts. While it is an overly intrusive notion to make people change their page layouts, what we can do is make infoboxes which are useful for anyone who wants to create an article. Include plenty of fields to fill-in and standardizing articles.
    • Operation Creatures Template (Completed) - A new creature infobox has been made and all creature articles have been converted, as of writing this. The Creatures category has been cleaned up substantially.
    • Operation Hack & Wheeze (Completed) - Template updated and current articles now include template, as of writing this.
    • Operation Nuclear Shipping (Completed) - Improve the existing Ship Infobox, gather all the ships of the wiki into the correct category, and generally improve quality of these articles.
    • Operation Horseback (In Progress) - Create an article intended to serve as a hub-article for horses on the wiki while setting a standard for canon-friendliness across those same articles. Generally, adopt horse-based articles with the intent of expanding them.
  • Operation Community (Recurrent) - Increase community activity with regular contests, voting for contest topics, all that jazz. Increase the general quality of Contest Headers and give out contest Prize Ribbons.
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