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The one, the only, the irradiated...

Now we all talk about radiation like it's a single thing, but it's actually a term referring to dozens of different ionizing rays. You have X-Rays, Beta Rays, Gamma Rays...Doctor Duff


Hello all! I've been around regularly in the Fallout Wiki since December 2020 and on and off since June 2019, and I joined the fun here in July of 2021, so I figured I should introduce myself.


My name is Katy and I rather stupidly opened this account with Google—which is why my username is my actual name. Fortunately for me, I have almost no shame left.

I'm absolute hot garbage at video games, but I love an atmospheric RPG (especially those with character customization) and will happily complete pointless fetch quests if I'm in the mood to veg out. My favorites all come from the Fallout series, with Fallout 4 coming in on top for most hours played on Xbox and PC, and The Elder Scrolls coming in second.

If I'm not being bad at games, I'm working as a radiographer, hiking the dreadfully swampy terrain of Florida, or sewing historically-inspired clothes for myself and thrifting so I can have that "sexy grandma" vibe. Additionally, I'm fairly active here on the wiki, with my current projects, personal and community, being:

Icon vaulttec.png A blog series on the x-rays presented in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76
Icon vaulttec.png A blog series for cosplays
Icon vaulttec.png Adding pictures of the backs of outfits and armor
Icon vaulttec.png The Fallout Citation Project
Icon vaulttec.png The BTS speculation removal project
Icon vaulttec.png The Fallout 4 dialogue audio project
Icon vaulttec.png The Fallout 3 dialogue audio project
Icon vaulttec.png Updating updated character infoboxes to the Fallout Fanon Wiki
Icon vaulttec.png Fun Fallout fanon creativity - I need to decompress somehow!

My crowning achievements in life include obtaining an Associates in Radiologic Science, figuring out how the heck to install a mod, welcoming the music bot on Discord because I thought it was a person, and that one time I went through a drive through and didn't stutter when the indifferent high schooler was taking my order.

Hope to see you around the wiki and feel free to reach out on Discord or one of my talk pages if you need help, have any questions, or just want to say "hi!"


Date Quest Description
April 28 2021 There Stands the Class Joined The Vault Academy (TVA).
June 1 2021 Future Imperfect Competed TVA General Editing Program.
June 12 2021 I Get Along With You Very Well (Except Sometimes) Became a Nukapedia Chat Moderator.
July 19 2021 What'd I Say, Pt. 1 Created the Fallout dialogue audio projects.
July 28 2021 I Get Around Became a Nukapedia Patroller.

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