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Fallout New Vegas if they had more time to develop.

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Raniero R
Life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.Marcus Aurelius

I'm Nero, the veteran legionary janitor around these parts. I write some low-key articles and fix up some oversights here and there. I enjoy it here, and I hope the stalker who is reading this does as well!

As you can tell from my list of articles, I enjoy writing! However, the majority of them are incomplete... That is a bad habit of mine.

I am an obsessive administrator and edit this wikia obsessively. Please come to me if you have any questions or problems! I'd be happy to assist in any way I can.

I'm a (self-proclaimed) author who enjoys writing (but don't ask me if I'm any good... you may suspiciously die). By the way (I use of a lot of parentheses).

Then I bid you "Vale" - until we meet again.


You are in Caesar's Legion. You prefer to do things the most direct way; going in guns a blazing. Revenge may get the best of you. You prefer to solve situations with violence instead of talking. (Speech skill not needed). You enlist people that have similar interests as you. Your ideals are for the best, but the process of violence makes it impossible. Hopefully, you don't enslave people.
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