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never forget the "little wipe" of 6/28/2015. but forget the articles tho

I won the howitzer contest! (Prize assigned to La Pacífica)

I won the second Howitzer contest! (One given to Ash Walkers,

two given to the Degenerates)

I won the foundation contest!

Saw everyone else had one of these so fuck it:

Favorite pages:The Royaume one of the first pages I read when I joined and I still enjoy it

Corpse Coast mercs and shooters of all types

Swampers real and wild shit

Court of the Bayou really, most articles in Louisiana I'm a fan of

Majestic Brotherhood of the Ossuary always been a softie for ghouls

Rumrunner Bay a nice vacation spot

Hoodlum props to my boy T42

Matthias Dugan: Mongoose knocked it out of the park on this one, flavorful, historical, interlinking and a fun read.

My Works

Marshall Haines: my first Character on the wiki (under going re-write. Eventually)

Kansas: gotta rep the state

The Inquisition: My first adopted article, pretty sure it turned out well

Las Cruces: adopted with the Inquisition, not as good

Eric Haganey: Anarchist and main RP Character

Greer's Bunch: Isolationist National Guard descendants, almost eradicated by Idaho Brotherhood, now part of the Oldtimers

Pounder Boys: another group fighting in the Corpse

Bella Novraw: Friendly Acrobat

Square 'round Caravans: Caravanners in the NCR

Jackalope: Another adopted article, first creature

The Fishermen:trying to create a 'no-fly' zone around NYC

Macgoya:Created for a contest, water merchant-town in Australia

The Needles: Tree loving cult in Maine

Dermit's Slingers: A band of the few holding off the mutants around the Gate

Columbus Gate: Adopted article. A hellish warzone, besieged by mutants and raiders

Fort Luck: a Casino on the Eastern boarder of what was Kansas

Glenwood Chemical Solutions: a professional attempt at chem manufacture

River's Landing: a mid-sized town wiped out by raiders

Tall Hill Raiders: Had a good run, sacked a town, fell to in-fighting

The Brown Rose: Made for a contest in Ireland

Los Caballeros: Co-lab with FB77 and CC, Ghoul vigilantes

Doctor Grenik's Clinic and Pharmacy: A place of peace and rest in Boise

Blue Mesa Caravan: another group trading around texas

Ryan Quaker: leader of Communist Cavalry, and one of the likely successors to the legion

Cortadores del Chapo: One reason the District is so dangerous

Un Bonito Complejo: a vacation spot for the rich and powerful.

The Papal States: a collection of Catholics and Feudal realms in Mexico

La Baronía de los Campos Podridos: Henchman and Pumpkin Farmers

La Baronía de Santa Juana: Happy farmers and people

La Baronía de la caña de Mare: Cement workers and serfs

Tuco Abaroa VI: the First of many (planned) characters in the States

Puerto de San Andrés: the port of charity

Soto La Marina: capital of the Papal States. In Progress

La Ciudad de' Cientos de Paz:an economic hub of the Papal States

El Dominio de la Corriente Lenta: the realm of one of the top Dukes

Steeple Firearms: pre-war company whose products "happened" to fall into bad hands often

Top Street Fort: another place to die for in scenic Boise

Marus Junius: One of the first three legionaries made!

Paul Romero: gun-hand for hire

Nuevo Estilo Clothing Factory: Pants for sale.

Guillermo Milatra: the Baron of Campos Podridos

Tierras Lejanas Campamento Minero: papal states mining camp/colony in the saltlands

Cazadores del Dragón: Psychotic junkies used by District gangs as shock troops (inspired by a RL friend)

Imperial Realm: Adopted from CC (and maybe nero?)

La Orden de los Caballeros del Escudo de Plata: order of justice keeping knights

Saltlands Defense League: a loose alliance of Comancheros, tribals, Lipan and outlaws to keep the major powers out.

Samuel Ramon Merrida Alvende IV's Energy Weapon Emporium: some guy with a broken lazer pistol

The Peg: Casino town in the ruins of Winnipeg.

La Pacífica: cult of the death god in the District.

Macdoww's Traveling Circus: performance group in the former mid-west

Baron Miguel Inge: the head of the mining camp, former adventurer

Ashley Goddard: Former second of the People's Legion, now lone-wolf sniper. Co-lab with CC

The New Resurrectionist Church of the Beloved: Originally a helping hand for the downtrodden, it became controlled by a conman and died in the desert.

Britannic Broadcast: small station in the Dominion, plays old-timey brit tunes, maybe commercials as well

The Perpetuals: formerly enclave super-cell, now refugees huddling together in a ruined fort. (Adopted/swiped)

Fort Perpetual: home of the above. (adopted/swiped)

The Bloodborne Tribal Rapemurderers (adopted/swiped)

Siika: Giant pygmy deer in True Korea, Ireland, and several other countries.

Canada: Nation hub page

Manitoba: Provincial hub page

Jeer: Ghoul pirate, character for a PnP campaign that never happened

The Barley Boys: Drunken hooligans

Blanca Viniegra: one of the most powerful arms merchant in the District. (Adopted gingerly)

Scotland: Pronvincal hub page

Iverness: City hub page

Breck: farming village in The Oilfields. ((adopted))

Maury's: Pike maker in Iverness

Children of the Radfather:Heretical cult in the Western Papal States

Martin Bushwick: depressed british kid

Squeezer Vine: Mutated vines around Georgia

Bibliotecarios Unión: tribe of mexican librarians in the District

Blue Boots Cartel: slaver-mercenaries in the corpse.

Pentecoastal: religious fundamentalist settlement on the Gulf Belt

Ministerio Civil: faction fighting for Distrito Capital

Juarez Farmstead: small farm and rest-stop for caravans and travelers going to and fro Fort Stockton and Midessa Compact

McHenry's Jackalope Ranch: free-range jackalope ranch in south texas

La llamada: sporadic broadcasts in The Highlands

The Builditz: raider gang in new york, found religious meaning in holotapes about construction

La Baronia de Mar:small trade post dependant on the Gulf Belt

Cactus Brush: former scout and treasure hunter, but was left for dead in an ambush. Now hunts the men that killed his gang.

Saint Julliene:farming village. Original concept for the canada contest

City of Love: brothel/caravan stop in the remains of Paris, Texas. One of few stops before the four seasons

Cat Chat: talk show on ncrpr. collab with goose.

The Andurs: small farming clan in scotland, head of their local village.

Dalton Bradford: dead farmer in north dakota

Bayou Comet Trade Consortium; three guys in an old plantation house, sells chems, booze and meat to The Big Easy

1867 Sperling's Canadian Radio: Raider radio station in Manitoba, fuel for raids into the Badlands

Hoolihan's Elixers and Tonics: medicinal chem maker in North dakota, major producer for the region.

Allen Torqette: dead carpenter in South Dakota

Maria Santos: the boss of Nuevo Estilo

Growlers: Mutated Fishers in North America

Timber Lake Free town in South Dakota under influence of Custer's American Army

112.5 South Dakota Jive: the local radio station of Timber Lake, funded mainly for the purpose of annoying those in Mobridge. Plays mix of Pop hits and Country western music.

The Willits Gang; Short lived gang of bandits in what would be the badlands

Nash Laurens;brazen ghoul bandit in the badlands

Tabernacle of the Prairie: blood cult posing as a benevolent commune in the Badlands.

Glow Skulls; a barely tolerated, if grudgingly respected Ghoul mercenary band in Columbis Gate

La serpiente de bronce; cantina and tavern in Huervo Nache, notorious amongat people down on their luck, or engaged in 'alternative' business ventures.

BurnBridge: settlement outside of Mobridge, made by dissidents and others kicked out of the settlement. now ruled by raiders.

Crossed Hooves Transportation Services: distribution company in the badlands, has exclusive contract with Hoolihans

The Gorgalax: pre-war pip boy game about a boy trying to save his land.

La Ermita de San Miguel: roadside bishopric that onced housed 'holy relic'

Devil's Hands Weapons: Raiders turned gunsmiths in the badlands

Bleaters;Mutated lean goats.

Mobridge Merchants Guild: trade and rafter guild on the missouri

The Oldtimers: a mercenary band made up of Survivors from Greer's Bunch and the Immortals. They travel west taking almost any job they can get to survive until they reach Seattle.

Xi Xijiang: chinese corporate sabateour.

Henderson's Rentals:agricultural lender in Nebraska.

Shiver: tranquilizer sold in the badlands

La Baronia de la Loom: craft village in the papal heartlands. Depressing mercantile colony.

Swift Cloud Johnston's Ghoul Cages: watering hole and ghoul arena in deadwood. Frequent cheater in the sport, also serves bootleg liqour and serves as a hideout for nash laurens.

Buckthorn Deliveries:courier service in Timber Lake

Redfields:home to three colonies of fire ants and some wildcat farmers

Ashwick:up-and-coming trade town outside of New Memphis, polarized over the ghoul population. (Adopted)

Rushman's Meat Products: saw-mill taken over by crew of cannibals, sell excess meat to ignorant public (and some knowledgable consumers)

Edward Taylor:chem brewer in Rapid City, inventor of Shiver

Nate's Normals:mental illness treatment center in tall town, also spys for overlords

Ash WalkersRaider Clan in Pierre, led by Vandada member, racial nationalists.

The Slum Raider town, home of the Ash Walkers, located on the outskirts of the Pierre Ruins

The Hilfiger Group;refugees and a few ghoul ad-men, part of the Skyscraper Tribes

The Mulching Ground: Ghoul Arena in Tall Town, sometimes protested by sane ghouls

Honor's Cost: raider camp in Rapid City

Darg: small fishing community in Boise.

Silk Arches:brothel in tall town

Sweat Lodge: open town/camp in redfields SD, would be destroyed by a blizzard.

Beuaregard Arcxitello: shirtless duties collector for the Royaume.

Williston: trade town in badlands, home of the Roughriders. (Adopted)

Madame Rostock's Strong Man Challenge: traveling arena in the badlands, originally posed as ghoul fights, but now sports a human as well

Squirmers;mutated brook trout

The Border Club: gentleman raider lonuge and private clubhouse

Badlands Bulk Arms: pipe weapon manufacturer in rapid valley

Finn's: saloon in Timber Lake, has gaming tables, ladies of the evening and raiders.

The Rust Bones; raider band in rapid city, live in Honor's cost

Archie Tilcox; intrepid reporter operating out of Tall Town.

Harold Marzak; Ghoul radiotherapist and manager of Hoolihan's in Timber Lake

Reginald Morington: utilitarian slaver in Cascadia, runs crew near Forrest Heights

Boys Of Summer adoption from Sylandro

Barefoot Landing adoption from Sylandro

Hog Pozos: small Warthog ranch in The Protectorate

Philly's: Italian Restaurant in Denver, now husk.

The Crow Faces: Raider band in the Badlands, lead by a vandada.

Uncle Larry: Brewery in Tampico

Doc Ellison's Cybernetics; cybernetics services in the gate

Plummet: shanty town in an old missle silo, squalid, dark and under the thumb of a jumped-up raider boss, safer than the surface

The Hueler Gang: raider Gang in Pierre.

The Short Rope Collective: Bounty hunter agency in badlands, betrayed by leader.

Jake Ullin's Hounds: dog breeder in kentucky

Timber Lake Inn hotel and bar in timber lake

Lucky Foot Inn: hotel in tampico

The Yen Boys: raider gang in Rapid City, originally a street gang of ethnically Chinese youth, became the protectors of their ethnic enclave after the war. Practice a warrior-class system, setting themselves aside from the town council and politics. Still willing to work with whites when beneficial

Croixheart: farming village in Manitoba, would remain ruled by one raider faction after Gurn's death. Eventually included in The Peg

The Flop: hotel in The Peg

Oliver Beatty:some guy, morals fag from old world.

Eternal Sun Retirement Home: completely automated retirement home, robots have gone on since the war, tending to the ghoul residents, only six of whom aren't feral.

The Shockers: raiders turned mercs, all sport cybernetics and obsessed with getting more, increasingly reckless, still better liked than the glow skulls by the racist town council

Ogden Marslow: Feral ghoul locked in his basement.

Lawrence Vandada:Vandada member, upstanding businessman of Tall Town and one of few noncriminal Vandadas.

Sleazebot 3000:robobrain holo-porn director, pre-war sexual deviant selected to become robobrain. Was put into army outpost and subsequently ordered to produce porn. Would reawaken in new reno and continue to make porn.

Gollygoo: hallucenigenic and toxic berry paste.

Tea: trade post between cascadia and boise

Skiball; bar-and-game in The Peg, doesn't actually have skiball, but is home to the peg's only roller derby track and hosts all league games.

Forrest Heights Dining Club: place for the wealthy to mingle, eat and make cutting remarks to each other.

Oscar Montera;Cardinal of La Ermita, popular as a crusader but couldn't keep support and died against bandits.

Ash-Tear Priests; Fanatical death cult in manitoba, would last for almost a century before being destroyed by gurns.

Dan Reelie's Travelling Zoo; slaver band in cascadia, carry around taxidermied animals as cover.

Summer Camp;raider training camp in Seattle.

Rafael Montavo; Cardinal of los Campos Podridos

Oldtown; raider town in winnipeg, original site of the Peg.

Joshua Standing-Tree;Vixen trapper upstate

Ivan Zaroff; "Knight" and adventurer (adopted)

Vandada Family: family of Ethical Egoists in the Badlands. Inspired by the Morgan Family.

Myrlah: slave in Caesar's legion, taken as a girl with her tribe.

Parkview Terrace:Upscale dining provided by robots

Wasteland Wavelength: tweaked version of an older page of mine, traveling radio caravan

Davy Jones' Locker: riverboat thats been converted to a hotel, anchored off River's Landing, one of the few businesses not influenced by Smiggg

Rez: Specialized Protectron, high focuser of the crystal truth movement, commands respect of patagonia flatts

Juliette Ranch Bighorner ranch on the outskirts of Belfield

Emillio Huecha: kind hearted social-Comanchero

Dan's Roller Rink; roller rink in Seattle, now mirelurk nest on the verdant coast

Hill Skunks;mutant skunks in West Virginia and nearby states, large, aggressive and ugly. (Psuedo-adopted)

Wheeling: small town in west virginia, split between two co-oping groups, ocassionally attacked by raiders (adopted)

Needlebush: mutant sticker bush that can be found around the post war U.S.

Newton Gorsky: orphan of mobridge, secret shame of the town, everyone wants to help but no one brings themselves too

Weeping Flu: mutant flu strain, not usually fatal though never plesant, named for the tendency of it's sufferers to cry involuntarily.

Crop Rot: fungal infection that can devestating fields, mutated from pre-war white mold.

Enrique Teleope:papal Cardinal, nervous pushover.

Peg Roller Derby League; organized roller derby in the peg

Degenerates; Badlander offshoot in Cascadia, operate as mercenaries, aid the sons of liberty in defending the Bridge of the Gods

Redvine Ranch: medium Tato farm in NCR, workers have work contracts.

Williston; settlement in the Badlands, home of the roughriders (adopted)

Pump-town; greyfell colony in the badlands, located in oil refinary

Clacky; tame glowing mole rat, pet of Bruce Bosco.

Prison Years

Rough Rider Brewery; small operation in williston, making fresh beer.

Deadwood Soft-bread; bakery in deadwood, makes loaves, muffins and cakes.

Towus Alum; unremarkable legionaire, killed in the mojave.

Bluefish Ranch; Grand White Buffalo ranch in Wyoming.

Los Locos; blood-thirsty raiders in tamaulipas.

Robin's Nest a bar-and-game in the peg with a unique card game.

Ralph Machi; total dick collar maker.

Flood City Kennels; trains dogs for anyone in seattle.

Chalk Tally; unknown sniper terrorizing myrtle beach

Los Aztecas; large, organized group of tribals in southern Tamaulipas

Toll Bridge Slavers; slaver crew in rapid city, allies of custer.

Sergio Valencio; depressed barber in the cattle country.

Rise From The Sky ska band in cascadia

Timber Lake School school building in timber lake (obviously)

La Baronia de Pisces; small village, northern most barony, birth place of Pope Gelatius

Santiago Vagelos card-shark turned cardinal in la baronia de pisces

Javier Valerria baron of pisces, cattle focused and negligent

The Day-Walkers dudes trying to blow up the sun

Our Sister-Lady of Humanity; feed station for Trapper Town

La Prisión de Hierro; joint down in Nuevo Leone

Ferdinand Aronsqe cardinal of baronia de mar

Trapper Town: small settlement of inbred cannibals in the center of Winnipeg, preys on the Peg.

La Luna: one of several Papal forts, built to protect again pagan mutants

Pope Gelatius II:current pope, focused more on domestic stability than expansion, tries to centralize somewhat, has more liberal views.

Arlen Targuss: prospector and salvager. spent four years alone in the Seasons

Hard Fish Tribe; cannibalistic tribals in cascadia, primarily worships blood god of birth and meat.

Larkin Solutions; suicide bombers for hire, founded by neo-nazi

Crystal Truth Movement: Growing cult in the ruins of Seattle.

Black Mask:badlander salt mutant halfbreed, was captured as a young child by La Pacifica and kept for several years, returned to his tribe and became a champion of his gods, eventually killed in the saltlands wars.

Elliot Wu; young man from chinatown trying to erase the New Orders symbols of hate in Seattle

East Wood; logging camp in eastern kansas

West End; small tobacco town in missouri

Sun-Dial; pre-war art exhibit, and post-war scavenger camp

Killadelph;arms shop in thrilladelph

All-Souls Rest; grave-yard in the papal states

Texicans; those on either side of the Rio-grande, speak english and spanish, or a mix of both, share common culture, don't really care about what side of the river they are

Saw-bones Today; medical zine in Cascadia, editted by doctors in chinatown.

Rapid City Auxillary Corps: raiders and con-men, two group run by brothers; balto and yellow-jacket. main group works for Regulators as reformed raider auxiliaries and is supplied by Badlands Bulk Arms, other group either raiders or custer's auxiliaries. main group pretends to fight faux-raiders, sells guns and supplies to actual raiders, and fight raiders who won't do business. or main group stages fake gunfights with custer's auxiliary, some "die" on both sides, but report partial success, receive more supplies,

Rebecca Lanis; frontier midwife, proud NCR citizen

Breeder Bugs; mutated Lady Bugs, agricultural pests,  and helpful to dye makers

Antebellum Ball: cult obsessed with antabellum south, hold ornate balls and galas, have serfs to do real labor. (Tweaked since original concept)

Horse Flesh; depressing whore-house in the badlands, operated by scumbag russian pimp

Feather-Bed Mine; small money pit in the Badlands

Slant Granite; quarry in cascadia, destroyed due to mishandling of dynamite

Pit Peg; open pit mine in canada, digs rock salt

The Boppers; fuck the rockers

Peg Printers; print shop in the peg

Halverston Manglage: last of the Ash-Tear priests, bone shaman of the CLA, stay behind of ulmar's expedition to Detroit, leads fanatical nationalist raider-cult.

India Inkers; tattoo parlor in Seattle

Down Pour; merchant colony on the outskirts of Boise, destroyed by brotherhood

Count baron Reggie Blackshadow/Blackshadow counts;secret blakula count baron in the papal states, fled south from jesse twilight, fed off of comancheros, eventually saving a village that lost its count baron, and he was offered to replace it.

Amigos de Liberdad; Marxist-Bolshevik fuckboys in mexico.

Black Horn mutated black tail deer

Huervo Nache: Large papal town on the coast, the word is spread, fortunes are made, people get murdered.

Erin Holtz: Interior decorator of the wastes, filled gas-station forts to warehouse cities

La Academia de los Jovenes: a school in Soto La Marina for the children of the Papal rulers. a place for the kids to learn, grow and possibly bang each other

Vault 50:designed to test sleep-deprivation on maintence efficency, would be destroyed due to melt-down in 2152.

Faller Clan Swamper clan near the gate, fight both the brethren and the gate mercenaries.

Huntington; trade post turned raching town, it would died out from a combination of youth drain, raider attack and sickness

Pit-Stop; caravanersai in between Broken Heart and the Badlands

Blood Berry; mutated elder berry

Marlin Gwail; pulp-writer in the ncr, focuses mostly on frontier survival though occasionally writes about Ranger Polls, a loose cannon that plays by his own rules. would die of liver failure in 2259

Higgins Ranch; ranch turned farm outside of timber lake

Bayou C'Launch boat ramp for swampers that's occupied by warring red eye and lurks

Passage; town in cascadia, built into ruins of tunnel.

Wobble: small settlement in the ruins of rapid city, occupy top floors of skyscraper(?), Operate as safe ground to all parties as long as toll is paid.

Mark Chryslus' Garage; auto repair garage in the peg

The Stan & Marley Hunting Company: company that created Jackalopes and Tindalos

Holy Sea Consortium: major trading group operating out of Hearuvo Nache.

Vatican Broadcast System;series of radio stations allowing the vatican to communicate with outposts and remote fiefs.

Thallus; small village in cascadia, on washington-side of the oregon-washington border. Mainly hunters and trappers.

La Orden de la Serpiente de Sangre; order of Papal knights, crusaders and zealots, frowned upon by current pope, enjoy widespread support, loyal to fringe duque.

Bruce Bosco; grayfell, leader of Pump-town, owner of Clacky. seen as a leader, but really an average guy struggle to keep up appearances

Esteban Castro; salt-mutant cardinal of Shank's mare.

Ebsex: small village in Manitoba, rebelled against Gurns' rule, would start his downfall

Las Escalas; The scales, a vigilante group in Neuvo Leon dedicated to keeping the 'balance of justice'. Operate a small prision and court system just across the boarder from the Highlands.

Jerri Larrix:untouchable badlander, rejects her mask and collects names. Currently runs buckthorn delivery

Camp Leviticus; cult compound in idaho, actually not terrible after the war, destroyed by badlanders.

PopeLeo V: excommunicated pope

La Baronia de Suelo Reflejado: town near the south-western corner of the Papal States: named after the nearby sands, which were partially glassed.

Mickey Molano; ghoulified hustler, currently runs protection racket, keeping feral ghouls away from urban settlements in exchange for monthly payments.

Peril: Asiatic ethnic enclave in rapid city, has taken on a faux-imperial atmosphere and culture, home of the yen boys

Broken Heart; settlement in the ruins of Valentine

Ditch; protestant settlement in the papal states, given special status and absent of a cardinal. Founded by english traders, conquered by oscar montera

Tulbas Bone-eater; cardinal of suelo reflejado, brother of grox

Pope Pious XV:previous pope, would intiate the saltlands crusade and sanction the Bloody Serpant. Conservative views.

Grox Bone-eater: Newly minted count of the Papal States, lead a converted warband against rival tribes and pledged his loyalty after a visit to the vatican. Large mogoloid looking salt-mutant.

Myrtle Beach Peace Corps: group of ghoul volunteers from before the war, turned mercenary/junta afterwords, before reverting to protector role.

Post Release

Tri-Fi; edible mutated flower in cascadia, also used for dyes

Oly Mar post war olympic marmot

Jane Fan-Fan; post-war trans party girl, beat to death with a stool

Snatchers; big ass bug predator, made for duke, and to improve the wasteland food-web

Itchers; poison ivy got buff

Rape Trees; Chinese being prejudiced against nature

The Block; slaver fortress in cascadia, hub for the flesh trade.

Gum-Drops; hallucnigenic mushrooms.

Bean Bush; mutant soybean

Proclus Abito; hound trainer for the legion

Robert Thomas; everyday is a struggle

Shell Fruit; post-war pomegranate

Joe-Bot; protectron programmed as a frontiersman in a pre-war museum, after the war developed errors in processors and believes it is a frontiersman, now homesteads and fights NCR revenuers

Jana's Picture House; movie theatre in the NCR, currently has two holo-films that run almost all day.

Gristols: apples

Marcy Heglow; librarian in La Mugre

Lorgen Glassworks; bottle maker in the south

Fatima Hawkins; a revised girl scout living with adoptive parents in the globe.

Devil Grass; mutated Bermuda grass

Coffeeweed; post-war chicory

Lime Disease; the same, but worse.

Brad Telow; pre-war physicist working at a particle accelerator, was doing testing on the day of the great war, assumed tests went wrong, and went insane from guilt.

Water Bug; made for the disease contest, a parasite that eats it's way out

Eliot Halms; former frumentarii, sent to the hub, would abandon mission after discovering failure in the NCR meant being fired at the worst. Go figure.

Northern Woodsmen Society; pre-war rich people and veterans in maine

Liberation Town; ghouls in a scrap camp. kinda shitty, but eh (adopted)

Danny Dougal; beta-male swamper

Bloodbug Fever; disease carried by bigass mosquitos.

Bogard Wall; message board in Charleston

Linseg Tools; tool maker in oregon

Black Squirrel Meats; squirrel farm in bohemian grove

Cradle Cough; another killer of children

Ripton; small fishing village in ruins of marina, hotel complex

Over Bloom; fungal infection that targets roots of plants

Chen's Cleaning; laundromat in Seattle

Globecel; mental disorder resulting in fixation on pre-war item/past

Davy Jones: Super mutant, remnant of gammorin's army, after their defeat ended up working on an river boat, eventually became captain and anchored in river's landing

Fall of the House of Kings; a daily radio soap currently in it's sixth season, based on a series of diaries found by a scaver. Trapped in a bunker he broadcasts his show as a way to avoid insanity and hope help comes. Which it won't

Solomon Hoberth; eccentric venture-capitalist in northern Maine, wanted to construct "north-east passage between Atlantic and saint Lawrence river through mid-maine. Dies by mutants. 2148ish

La Baronìa de Agua Verde; small rest stop, home of the Blackshadow barons.

Scalp Scratch; bacteria makes people bald

Eight Horns; chinese anistar

Bozeman Bashers; raiders in Montana, part of that power fist thing

Cousin Craig's Carts; cart and wagon maker in Alabama, lasted two decades

Cotton Bluff De-Luxe; shack motel

Raukov's Disease; mental affliction

Throat Burn; post-war larngytis

Root Rats; post war pests

GH-afq-7m; modified grain

Anna Lupenski; private eye in brick city

Blisterfoot; bacterial infection of the foot

Istrum Electrics; made holo-tape players

Barkane's Donuts; donut cart

Spine Vine; parasitic vine

Cheyanne Watts; portland local, distributes fixer

Hustledbones; cannibal tribals big into bones. (adopted) Co-lab with nero

Scrub Turtle; average turtle, only notable for symbiotic bacteria

Gaelic Spirits; irish whiskey in scotch-land

Toryitlus Maxey; specialized bacteria in turtle mouth

The Pure-Bloods; klansmen mercenaries in the gate

Fire Bloom; flower in the north-west

Shutter Eye; poisonous plant in north-west

Flesh Wad; medicinal flower in north america

Forrest Heights; small community of wealthy & influential outside of Seattle, purchases slaves from the block to maintain it, while residents focus on growing plants and insects for dyes.

Flames; minor raider group in oregon, became nominal ncr allies after northwest alliance war. (adopted)

Tower Flower; mammoth sunflower

Xylella; bacteria of plants

Off-Ramp; transient camp for the unlucky in the peg

Shine-Fish; goldfish

Savannah Elmin; town butcher and former adventurer, ends up with powerfist after basher attack. hung for murder

Ear Bugs; ear mites

Shallow Pond; revenge pond north of mobridge

Lemon Bush; bushier lemon grass

Sunberry; slightly larger oranges

Brush Lodge; resort lodge in alaska, abandoned and falling apart

Billy-dale Marchen; hillfolk tanner in boardtown, makes leather armor for brethren.

Bottled Sun Juice; orange juicer, owners death sealed its fate

Winnipeg Convention Centre; outpost,for the peg

Culyer Homestead; ruined house in golden triangle

Jetski; jet-variant, made via mirelurks

Stele Razors; pre-war razor company

Francoîs Gutèrres; young grendamerie in slidell

Freddy's Pawnshop; pawn shop in the gate.

Lurk Worm; parasite feeding on water-borne mutant creatures in the south

Chachi's; single man radio from ruins of (Winnipeg) west point

Grinders'; arena and murder nest of raiders, destroyed due to cave in.

Cui Go; minor raider leader in china

Stele Assembly Plant 4; factory of stele razors

Worlin's Safari Park; Safari park outside sac-town, imports animals to hunt

Cave Bat; Bio-engineered carriers of bioweapon.

People's Agricultural Station 178; bioweapons lab

H1-B2; bat-to-human super virus

Manu Ossa; legionnaire, hustledbone

Farmer Ants; root eating small ants

Ring Cap; shroom in south, used for jetski

Delilah McKinney; robot mechanic in charleston

Earl Smitters; serf retainer of Haxley chosen family in kingdom on the snake, drunken brute who resents younger members of family, but enjoys his position too much to leave

Sugar Blood Tree; maple tree mutant

Shine Pond; fish farm in iowa

Carver Estate; mansion in charleston

The Finns;small gang in timber lake

Jenn's Glasses; optometrist in columbus, machine does actual work, human sits on her ass

The Watering Hole; tavern in fort lake

Headache Powder; folk remedy in the south

Schilling's; resturant in the gate

Shuttle; Jet-variant, created by feeding Llamas gum-drops

Plume Birds; extinct colorful birds made by stan & marley

Lake Town; mutant ghetto north of the gate, formed after the former were banned from town

Lilly Pad; small brothel in lake town

Front Street Boat Rentals; boat rental in atlantic city

Ronny's Barber; barbershop in plankville

Glow Frogs; mutated toads, exploited to extinction

Bubble Fruit Soda; pre-war soda maker in alabama, products can still be found around gulf

Patagonia Flatts; radio dj, former member of cat chat, mouthpiece of crystal truth

Natalie Hall: former trooper and current technician in Death Valley, suffers from ptsd

Pepe's Taqueria; small food stand on streets of ensenada

The Pits; crater-strewn region, northwestern corner of badlands, home to roughriders, raiders, and a CLA detachment

Stank Meat Ranch; mole- and pig-rat ranch in the pits

The Grave Houses; blue boots narcos burial houses

Trask Rodrigo; blue boot shooter

Haha Hut; blue boot comedy club

Port Mansfield; home of the blue boots

Rust Mold; fungus that eats metal

Mercury Lounge; night-club in new york city

Spiral; club drug in NYC, industrial by-product chem

Owajie Homestead; farmstead in the pits

Royale City Carriages; robotic carriage tour company in charleston, destroyed by war but a few robots still around

NWS Local Station 134; weather station in charleston

Sunny; VI host of nws station

Forest Mongoose; mongoose in china, eats more than crabs

Water Plum; plum in china, still widely eaten

To Do

"In progress"

Soto La Marina


First southern crusade, aka Saltland wars: series of conflicts between the papal states and tribals for southern expansion.

The three/four: the cardinals for the baronies/counties i created [not especially important], just a better term.

casas de color rosa:trade town in Nuevo Leon

county of sun kiss; small grouping of shacks settlers from the north, has outsized influence in region due to their product; water. has several desalination machines, sell water and salt, quickly bought land and title straight out, recently advanced to county.

  • count toby Linow; count and leader of sun kiss, street wise trader from gulf belt, saw market in papal states. smooth talker, oppurtunist
  • cardinal vince wenol; toby's cousin, agnostic drunk, goes through the motions with lip service mass.

Papal charter; laws and rules for papal states,

Agave; independent (no lots) town, cardinal has no power, small caravanersai town


Dead man's gun with power fist; Wyoming/montana

  • 2157-63; bozeman bashers
  • 2163-71; savannah elmin
  • 2277 to June of 2278; Florence
  • sold by mainsail after this

Jack Mainsail's pass

Maize temple; pre-war tourist trap operated post-war by dakota "tribals" who play up the act for paying tourists

  • Insite facility/fort courage; home of the outriggers, former military facility housing SAMM
  • outriggers; raider gang, worship SAMM, battling roughriders
  • outlying famrs/ranches of williston; add flavor

green place; former peace garden on us-canada border, robotic tenders have allowed plants to flourish

Highwater; shanty town build around pre-war resevoir, sells water to Pits region



Quentin Lowe; founder of the Crystal Truth Movement

Want to use this somewhere

Long Beach; trade port in washington, pro-ncr in terms of trade, though they have met too many bureaucrats to be too friendly

Organ theft ring; mountain hospital, buys slaves for organs, sell to powerful, retired members live in various settlements and report any rumors about the place


  • Shao Xe; PLA bioweapons specialist, survived great-war, operated in cave lab to destroy america


Economic seeding project: forever

Schools; someone has to teach these people to read,write and do their jobs

Joshua Smiggg: Mysterious Scavenger and profiteer, has rebuilt small town around his casino.

Followers of the tru-man: cult in the tru-man memorial, think wasters are impure mutants (which they kinda are), seek to elevate themselves. (Maybe)

Marg; 7'+ raider stronger than a Brahmin, but is mentally underdeveloped, leading to him become sort of mascot and back-beast by raider crew

Skunk Boys; beta male hill-folk group. harasses hillfolk brethren supporters. majority is non-violent (Stealing trapped game, smashing or sabotaging stills. occasionally shoots at one, but rarely any kills.

Steve; traveling merchant/bomber, drops landmines and I.E.D.s to harm indiscriminately, kingston wasteland

Factory-community; makes chem paraphernalia, inhalers and syringes, sells to producers, has influence over Chem trade, but less danger.

blood-pool; former bauxite plant between new orleans and baton rouge, has ghoul and monster fights, wealthy aristocrats watch and bet on fighters

Blaculas; part three, still smoking tree

bernard "bernie" Gaetz; nyc club kid, thriller addict

Golden Triangle; regional battleground

  • Hellcats; raider clan in golden triangle, occupy plantation, fight mercenaries and brethren
  • brethren-affiliated swamper clan; maybe part of swamper confederacy
    • Gerry Monch; shady leader of lake-town, runs the brothel and sometimes politics with raiders
    • Guardians; mutant mercenary band in loose sense, take advantage of contract to go into town and get supplies, sometimes fights off swampers
  • City Council; incompetent, need war to continue, house of ponzi

Double House Productions; small company responsible for various training videos for private and public agencies

boxing league; somewhere

Indigo Dye Processing Step 4


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