So in light of recent events we've had a rash of new arrivals on the wiki. Now as anyone can attest to, the wiki has a bit of a learning curve, what with our policies and learning our style, such a process can prove to be rather daunting to new users. I've decided to create this program as an attempt to help those new arrivals along in their learning process, and to better integrate them with the community. However, we need willing users, preferably older users who are willing to give tips to new users along with helping in idea development, proofreading and giving them advice on how to improve their work. It should be stated that the purpose of this help is not to enforce or coerce a user into a certain mode of writing, but rather help them better understand our writing style, and achieve a minimum level of quality in their articles. If your interested, please let me know. Thanks

-CaptainCain (talk) 02:06, June 16, 2016 (UTC)