Hello everyone, for those of you who were here in the past, you may remember me vowing to never host another contest after the fiasco that was the last one. Fuck it. We're gonna give this whole idea another spin, and so here is Tranquility Lanes fourth summer contest. In the past I've asked you guys to write groups, locations, stories and characters set in specific locations. This time around I'm simply going to ask you to write a character that is a thinker, a philosopher, political theorist or what have you. I'll leave the creative liberties up to the contestants, but essentially you can dream up your own concepts and work them into your character or borrow from the sea of already existent philosophy, I'd prefer the latter. The winner of this contest will be decided by the votes of the user base, and the declared winner shall recieve five shiny, fine suit of power armor for his/her use on a character of their choice. Good luck and good writing.

Unsure of what philosophy is? Well check out these fine youtube series for help:

8-bit Philosophy created by Wisecrack

School of Life's Philosophy section, they're biased as hell but they'll get the job done.

or explore wikipedia, or go to the library and actually pick up a book.

All entries to this contest will need to be submitted by 6/10/15. Any entries made after this point will not be considered for voting. 

Uncertain of how these contests work? Checkout these helpful links to previous contests:

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Malachi Dip - 4 votes

Licca - 2 votes

Reginald Mornington - 2 votes

The Visionary - 5 votes