So far, confirmation for what is and isn't considered lore is a tad sketchy, but from what I've explored in the game; I can confirm quite a few things. The Defense Intelligence Agency has been raised prior to the events of Fallout 4, though only in the DLC Point Lookout, and only as a glancing mention. Now, thanks to the exploration of one of the DIAs underground facilities, I can confirm that they use the real life DIA logo, and also not only use Agents and Special Agents, but also possess other staff which conduct research in to advanced fields.

Some images also, show the Vehicles utilised by the United States Armed Forces, I don't include the Vertibird however, as I doubt anyone could have missed such an airframe in both trailer or game.

The US Millitary has been much more fleshed out in Fallout 4, both with equipment and role played on US soil and Abroad. I'm also pleased as punch to see mention of the Airship from Fallout tactics, atleast confirming that a mission to the region took place, though not clearing most canonical issues (The Hummers and such).

I'm hoping this might greenlight creation of some more Pre-War Articles, of which there are few, despite the Pre-War world playing quite the role in the shaping of the post war wasteland we all see and love, in the Northwest Commonwealth to the Columbia and New England Commonwealth. I'm hoping a few Enclave articles even, since we seem to have thrown on the armor and locked down with the lead up to Fallout 4 being released, and the murky depths of ambiguity regarding the pre-accepted lore and the possibility of it being thrown out the window.

I look forward to hearing from an admin on the Pre-War and Enclave section (Obviously not a greenlight to make 1,000 Enclave Mary sues and the like, but a go ahead for a few odds and sods), and please do say if you've seen some facts and lore that clears up some barriers that might been seen for the aspiring Fanon writer on your travels across the wastes.

Cheers All.