...Aaand I'm back.

Been Rather a long while since I've posted on the fanon wiki properly; that's mostly because of real-life issues and a general lack of things to actually write about thanks to a glorious lack of ideas. I've covered all the bases I wanted to cover with my articles, and now I've not really got anything else to cover than the odd

Jezebel Trawler
spelling mistake and odd snippet slapped into otherwise already-finished articles. So, I've decided to come into the saloon, waddle over to the bar and slam my pocket lint and safety pins on the counter and ask; are there any roleplay forums up?

One of the last Articles I properly finished was Larry Johnson; the long-time character-of-choice for my roleplay on the forums, limited as it was, in the hopes that some new roleplay forums would appear. For now, it seems, no such roleplay thread has started; nevertheless, I live in the hope that we'll get one at some point in the near future in the wonderful world of the Red Eye infested, gun-toting, whiskey-swilling post-war South. So, I suppose I'm posting blogs in the hopes of pre-empting such a thread. Hopefully, one of you plucky admins will see this and set up one such roleplay forum. Might get a little bit of ongoing activity up.