Vault 10
Vault 10 Ad
General Information
Establishment:Shortly before the Great War
Population:Under 1,000
Notable Individuals:Twig
Factions:Vault Dwellers
Notable events:*Vault Closing, 10/23/77
  • Vault Re-opening
Current status:Unknown

Vault 10 is the Vault where Twig originates from. The vault itself is never actually seen in the Fallout Nuka Break fan series, only mentioned by Twig in passing.


Construction and purpose

Vault 10 was a Vault-Tec built fallout shelter built in the 2060's along with many other vaults. The vault at max-capacity could sustain 1,000 occupants. Vault 10 chose to use Pip-Boy 3000's for the personal information processor of its citizens over the Pip-Boy 2000 model.

The Vault's social experiment was to record how Vault dwellers would cope with an incredible amount of food, capable of being dispensed at any given moment. Combined with the fact that the Vault had no exercise facilities, the Vault Dwellers soon began to become chronically overweight. With overweight people becoming the norm, the Vault soon developed a hierarchy based on who was the fattest. The morbidly obese were in charge and those considered merely overweight were ostracized.

Pre-war advertising

Vault 10 was backed with Nuka-Cola as a sponsor, and was the most common drink found in Vault 10. Vault 10 ads generally went hand-in-hand with some kind of catch to get people to drink Nuka-Cola.